Commando Boxing Orientation

This short course is to prepare you to get the most out of Commando Boxing.  There is a lot to do on Commando Boxing and this is your user guide to get you oriented to the club and off to the best start possible.

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10 Day Bodyweight and Boxing Basic Training

Over the next 10 days, you will train like a boxer.  You'll learn how to get into a boxing stance, how to move and how to punch.  You'll use those skills in boxing workouts and we'll start your conditioning with full body bodyweight workouts. You can follow this training plan with absolutely no equipment by substituting shadow boxing for heavy bag work, but I highly recommend you have access to a heavy bag, bag gloves, hand wraps, and a jump rope.  You're robbing yourself of pure awesomeness if you aren't actually hitting the bag.


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5-Day Body Transformation

This quick course is a super condensed version of CBBT giving you the absolutely essential elements you need to transform your body by losing fat and building muscle using boxing training, in five short video lessons. Doing these five things will get you further than you ever thought possible - and save you years of wasted effort and frustration.

5 Lessons

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