Pivot Principle

Me throwing a few punches at the punch bag using the pivot principle

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pivot principle video

I'm getting a heavy bag soon cos that small punch bag is crap, it just moves around way too much!

Some Critique

@RichRightHookSav - hey - thanks for posting the video. Sorry for the delay in the critique - had issues viewing your video due to a technical setting which we've got figured out - so all good now.

As always, these are suggestions for improvement - good idea to pick one of them at a time to perfect then move on to the next.

1. Hands. Lift them up. It looks like you are throwing your punches from your chest (especially your right). Get your left hand up by your left temple, right hand up and even touching your right cheekbone - then throw your punches straight out from there.

2. Pivot. You're getting the hang of it. I can't see your feet unfortunately, but from what I can see, you are putting your hips into it. I suspect once you get a real heavybag, you'll notice the difference the hip action makes as you'll actually be able to hit the bag without sending it across the garage. Really work on torquing them - they are what are propelling your punches, not your arms/shoulders.

For subsequent videos, if you can, try and show your entire body including your feet. Biggest thing you should work on right now though is your stance and your guard. Get those hands up and ensure you're in a solid stance.

You already picked up what I was going to say about your choice of equipment - but hey, if that's all you got, that's all you got - better than nothing. If there is a loop on the bottom, it would be beneficial to attach it to the floor.

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