How to Wrap Your Hands - Professional Method - Tape and Gauze

How to Wrap Your Hands - Method 3 - Tape and Gauze

The two methods shown previously are good for those who are training and amateurs. In Canada, at least, an amateur boxer is supposed to be provided with certain handwraps (bandages) when he/she arrives at a competition. They are allowed a very short piece of tape that is used primarily to hold the bandages in place on the wrist.

In professional boxing, the rules are a bit different. There, the boxer is allowed to basically make a cast out of tape and gauze that not only protects his knuckles, but also serves to turn his fists into hard mallets. The actual impact area isn't allowed to be hardened, but the entire wrist and a good portion of the fist can be made rock solid which is great for protecting the small bones in the hand.

A Professional Hand Wrapping

In this video, you'll not only learn how to wrap a professional boxer's hands, but you'll get some insight into what happens when one punches someone without handwraps. Keith McKnight almost ended his boxing career as you'll see and it took reconstructive surgery on his hand to allow him to keep going.

The hand wrapping method shown in this video is how professional boxers have their hands wrapped for their fights. It consists of a lot of tape and gauze and it has to conform to certain restrictions. For instance, you cannot tape the knuckles. There is no one way that trainers will wrap a professional boxer's hands, but this method worked well for Keith McKnight (in the video with his trainer Kerry Pharr).


very good protection for my hands

Awesome I tried it an what do you know I barly felt anything

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