Boxing Workouts: A Complete Boxing Training Program

Building the Boxer's Optimal Workout Program: (Skip directly to the 12 week boxing training program...otherwise read where it came from...)


I've done a lot of research into the human body and what makes a good workout.  The most frustrating thing I found is the sheer volume of advice people claiming to be experts have thrown on websites and put in books.  I do not hold a Phd in exercise fitness so I had to seek out the most knowledgeable people in the field in order to make sense of the mountain of notes I took over the last 17 years.  What better person to start with than the guy who trained Evander Holyfield -- Frederick C. Hatfield, Ph.D., FISSA.

Holyfield's training was incredibly scientific and he had the best in their respective disciplines training him including Lee Haney (former Mr. Olympia) and Dr. Hatfield.  Hatfield convinced Holyfield that his conditioning would improve dramatically if he incorporated a variety of training principles based on scientific findings into his workouts.  Being the scientist he was, Hatfield recorded everything and Hollyfield's conditioning 12 weeks later improved dramatically from his start state, not just in one area, but all of them:  agility, strength limits, explosive power, and ability to recover.

I took the principles Hatfield recommended to Holyfield and compared them to other sports disciplines including sprinting, basketball, and football where the kind of anaerobic and explosive power characteristic of boxing is required either for sustained amounts of time or in short bursts.  Most of those sports had already gone high tech, so to speak, and their top athletes follow plyometrics programs, do sport specific workouts, and train in cycles (periodization).  Boxing, on the other hand, still has an abundance of people recommending the same training methods they used fifty years ago.  I compiled a list of boxing training myths.  How many of them are you still following?


The first and foremost principle one can take away from Hatfield's research is the ideas of macro and meso training cycles.  A macrocycle consists of a predetermined period -- 12 weeks is a good one.  The macrocycle is then broken up into equal parts resulting in 4 mesocycles of 3 weeks each.  Each mesocycle concentrates on specific conditioning and sport specific skills and each mesocycle builds on the skills and conditioning learned in the previous one.  As you can see, by the end of 12 weeks, the boxer will be in the best possible shape for that entire macrocycle.  Subsequent macrocycles then have heightened start states resulting in ever increasing end states.


All I just said is that the boxing workouts I will show you will be based on 12 week cycles.  Within those 12 weeks, there will be four - 3 week cycles, each one getting progressively harder.  Completing one 12 week cycle will have you in exceptional shape.  Completing more than one will make you one hell of  a fine physical specimen.

Each 3 week cycle will focus on all the facets affecting you as a boxer:  explosive power and strength, endurance, stamina and agility.  By the end of this, you will be in incredible shape.  Obviously some of you are starting at different levels, so individual results will vary (my legal disclaimer...)  But hey, what's good for Evander must be good for us, right?

Your body is going to change so much, that you'll want an account on How to Box to not only follow the training plan, but also to track your progress. You will not recognize yourself after just one cycle.  If you are already in shape and cut, this will rip you apart.  If you have some weight to lose, you'll lose it.  And if you need some more muscle, you're going to get it.



Please send me the course

please send me the course

Could you please send me the course,



send me course cheers

Gents, you can read more about the training plan/course here. It's not something that I can be sent to you in it's entirety. Cheers.

is it a full e-book? why is it for free. real free?

is it a self study package with films?

Please send me the course.

please send me a course for a welterwait

please send me a course for a welterwait

Hey can you send me the course, ive been dying for a good boxing training program, and yours looks like its legit, i really want to try it , thank you!

can you also send me the course? thank you!

See my comment above - the course is not something I can/will send to you. You can read more about it here.

am 16, currently 64kg 5ft 10inch
can you send me a course as i am lacking that certain edge to my fittness :)

sorry dint read all the comments,

Need some boxing tips

Although you say that the program is a downloadable only, would it then be possible to print that off if I wanted to do the workouts at the gym. Or will i need my computer to follow workout videos?

Actually, the downloadable 344 of training plan is designed to print in a nice compact booklet you can take to the gym. The videos can also be accessed via an iPhone or similar cell if you want to practice specific techniques otherwise you can view the video for the techniques that pertain to that lesson prior to going to the gym.

please send me the course, I can't wait to begin workout! :)


Please Send Me The Course
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Send me the workout please hope it's free n evanders still in the game so it must be good

Please Send Me The Course
17 Years Old

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please send me the course to my e mail address, thanks

Please send me the 12week training program

A lot of people have never tried boxing workouts at home. That is really shame because you can't find a better cardio routine if it's done correctly.

Send me the course please first fight in 16 weeks

please send me the course to my e mail address, thanks

Please send me the training program, as I would like to get back into fight shape

Please send me the program

please send me the 12 week training program to mail, I would like to get back to form, many thanks

im currently training at a crossfit gym if i can incorporate some of your workout ito mine it would be amazing

please send me course

Send me the course

Hey I have just started boxing and would really like your 12week boxing course
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Please send. From Ireland and starting out.


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send me the course. thanks

i try to sign up but it said that i can't sign up with that email. i tried to sign up with my email thats already subscribed, i have subsribed from you but i didn't receive the course

hi there, am 17 weigh 89kgs and am 5ft 7" too much on the fat side, need to get rid of it doing something that i enjoy. please send me a course... thanks

send me the course thanks

Please send me the course

Can you send me the course please

No, I cannot send you (or anyone else) the course. It is an online course. You need to join the Inner Ring to become a member of How to Box to use it and the other training plans on the site.

thanks for your efforts.

Thanks for Your support, I need to get the second level and Above Boxing coaches training because I have first level and I love Boxing.

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