Boxing vs MMA

Recently, psycho asked what boxer's think of MMA in the forums. I've moved the conversation here to get more opinions. I'm actually surprised it took this long for this topic to come up. Every other boxing site I've been to eventually gets into this debate.

On the one hand, you have the purist boxers who are completely against MMA.

On the other are the MMA fanatics who believe boxing has gone the way of the dodo.

And somewhere in the middle are the people who see them for what they are. Two completely different sports, both of which could learn a thing from the other.

Randy Couture: See what a top MMA has
to say about the debate
Boxing actually evolved out of something a lot closer to UFC type fights than the average boxing fan would be willing to admit. Gloves were an innovation. In the beginning, fights that lasted entire days and the bloodfest resulting from leather wrapped hands were the norm. Boxing since has been civilized. When UFC first came out, I believe it was the shock value that caused people to watch. It took the characters from WWF and threw reality into the equation. The result was comical at best. Since then, it has come a long way in regulating the sport and turning it into a real contender in terms of ratings and economics. This is due in large part to a hugely effective marketing plan.

Boxing has stagnated in that regard. The problem I see is that boxing lacks the lustre and character present in the UFC. Personally, the characters in UFC which are no more than a reinvention of what the WWF provides, seem to take away from the sport, but that's just me.

From a business perspective, it is a goldmine. They took the best of the WWF and added in the thing it lacked -- the actual fight. How can a WWF fan not love watching the UFC - it's like the WWF on steroids. And, like it or not, UFC is hot. It is growing exponentially, and it is because of the characters involved.

Boxing lacks those characters. What happens when Floyd Mayweather Jr, Oscar De La Hoya, and Bernard Hopkins disappear? What happens when Klitschko or Hatton hang up the gloves? Can Hollyfield's comeback sustain boxing? There are very few matchups that can draw the big crowds and pay per view revenues, and it is the lack of showboating that keeps boxing out of the limelight. The boxers are all too similar. The names we remember are the ones who distinguish themselves from the pack in some regard, and relying on an undefeated record won't necessarily do it, unless you are dedicated boxing fan. The masses remember the character, not the statistics. Tyson, like him or not, is a household name. He distinguished himself twice -- once as a boxing superstar and then his most recent reincarnation.

Boxing vs UFC: What happens when boxing meets UFC?
Boxing vs UFC:
What happens when boxing meets UFC?
UFC on the other hand, has lively characters, costumes and outrageous entrances. Their fighters are the superheros kids will trade trading cards of. And the blood is an added bonus. The perceived brutality of the "no holds barred" fighting seems wholly uncivilized to a boxing purist when in reality UFC and MMA in general has fewer serious injuries than boxing. It seems one slamming concussive punch that draws blood or knocks out teeth is actually better for you than repeated concussive blows to the head (especially in later rounds when you are dehydrated). UFC has yet to count a fatality while boxing adds a few to the list every year.

As a boxer, I think our sport can learn a lot from the UFC and MMA, especially in terms of making it more appealing to a new generation brought up on video games and superheroes. Everyone likes the dramatic and the story behind the fighter. I have no doubt that the fighters in MMA are as athletic and as dedicated to their sport as boxers. I've done some MMA and know the same principles of battle exist. MMA fighters are more rounded, complete fighters and boxing is a big part of their standup game. I don't think anyone can really disagree with that observation. Without training, a MMA fighter would destroy a boxer on the ground.

I guess it all boils down to the fact that MMA takes the best of all the combat sports, combines them and pits them against each other. Thus, it draws the fans from all disciplines. To any purist of any sport, that in itself will be offensive and will be perceived as a threat against their "culture". To the UFC, that works to their advantage as the discussions shine even more light on MMA.


Like both..... boxers have the edge hands are lethal.... Boxer turned mma.... Jeremy williams undefeated knocked out a wrestler that beat randy courture... And a k1 champion kickboxer so... All these mma fools need to calm down. Cause umm that sport is one dimensional cause the fights always end up on the ground but as you can see his foot work and arm strength is enough to contain these fools.... So you mma fans quite hyping it up like these dues r so tough.....

Your facts are all wrong because if you look up his record on sherdog it shows some his wins are by submission and not just pure boxng and footwork. By the way he has never fought anyone who has fought couture n in mma anyways. He also fiought has beens but i will give him credit they are experianced has beens who have los to anyone whos kind of good. You funny talking about 1 dimensional because thats all boxing really is. I guys your just not that bright of a guy thiking no one will look his shit up.

Randy Couture just smaaashed your boy james toney in the octagon, so i think you should stop talking now

mma beats boxing by a long shot..randy couture vs james tony..
nuff said

James Tony was also super old. Let's see Jose Aldo try to beat Manny Pacquiao. It's kinda hard to take someone down to the ground when they punch with about a million left hands. Alsooo. James Tony was fat and out of shape.

well manny pacquiao was also a kick boxer in the Philippines

oi mong, try watching a paul daley fight and tell me they 'always end up on the ground' dont comment if your clearly retarded

Boxing as a commercial sport is dying, yes, but still has obvious life in the practice of MMA. I still think striking in MMA is a lot different from boxing though, but don't expect training to change any time soon (not going to see "street fighting" training, lol).

Im not sure where you are saying they are like wwf stars, are you talking about when they walk in? cause yeah they used to show boat but genrally everyone just walks/jogs to the ring now. the ring itself? because there are mma productions that just use the normal rings and not the cage.
and "especially in terms of making it more appealing to a new generation brought up on video games and superheroes." superheroes have been around since the 50's and most all children are brought up on them and video games? the 70's this isnt really a new gen problem as much as it is who the fuck is a the boxing champion right now? how many belts are out there if boxing wants to survive its needs to consolidate. period. period. peroid. period

Actually superheroes have been around since the 30's.

UFC isnt anything like WWF. In WWF they do crazy things like drop kicks, and fight out of the ring. UFC is very real and most of the fights are pretty exciting.

I think he is referring to the actual show and the atmosphere and excitement it creates. Not the combat syles. Even back in the 80's the WWF always had a "carnival" type atmosphere.

Boxing is just two hands vs two hands

mma is everything, its the closest thing to a real fight, boxing is more of a sport, mma is more of a fight. its considered a sport so it can be legal, but everyone knows its a damn fight, this thing is man to man, the baddest man on the planet aint mike tyson or muhammad ali or that bum wladimir klitshcho. its fedor emelienenko, why? because he is well rounded and demolishes everyone in a combat sport that has very little rules, he has the will to win and hes just unreal man.

Boxing styles are used more in a real fight. You look at most fights you aren't gonna see someone using a guillotine.

Depends on who you are fighting. If Im fighting on person in a fight then I end up choking them in a fight. If its multiple people I use my Jeet Kune Do. Boxing is alright until you get kicked. It is only one range of fighting. It's like going to war and declaring you will only use infantry. Gotta have air and navy too. And another point to is that street fights generally happen between unskilled people. If everyone knew how to fight there wouldn't be any real fights.

Not really. For all it's "mano a mano" posturing it is still a SPORT with rules. The street is whole different animal. It would be foolish to fight in the street. And even more so the as one would fight in the UFC or a boxing match.

I follow both sports and the problems they have are obvious:
Boxing has been only about money for a long time. I don't think anyone really cared about the sport once big money came into play in the 70ies. Today they don't even put the amateur on tv. Right now I don't see one heavyweight who is willing to give his life (Ali, Frazier) sacrifice himself for the sport and knock out Wladimir Klitschko.

It's a pretty beat down sport. Boxing needs people who care about it! And what I don't understand is: In a time where boxing isn't that hot, then why have so many championchip belts? More than ever before. Of course they can learn from MMA. But right now they seem to think that stars are born, not build.

The problem MMA has, I don't know how to solve that: Most fights are so irrelevant. Who remembers any MMA fight in 2006 or the best submission of 2009 beside the hardcore fans?
The big fights are beeing promoted (for example Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin on July 3rd). But once the fight is over, you go: So what, next one.
There is no "Thriller in Manilla" in MMA. They have a looooong way to go and I don't know if they're ever get to the relevance and greatness boxing had.

The next problem is grappling: The ordinary joe knows what a vicious knockout is, but what does he know about grappling? If you don't train in BJJ yourself, you won't understand what's going on. How to solve that? Make every human beeing on earth train BJJ?

like all sports, boxing promotes fitness, discipline, hard-work, etc. and personally i think it's fun to beat up a punching bag after a long day :P

Very very very good comment. I shall be quoting you soon! Haha :p

I want to say another thing about stars: As I mentioned, they are build and not born or "discovered". Not even in Hollywood. When you take a look at the hottest celebrity right now: It's Robert Pattinson. They guy wasn't discovered and casted for "Twilight". He had a ton of experience in smaller projects before, in his "amateur career" if you like.

Or soccer ...I remember some coaches from a local youth team came over to our urban area where we played ball on the street. They took all 10 or 15 of us to a tryout and of course we all registered afterwards. After a couple of years only 3 of us were left, but one of the three ended up playing professional soccer for a while. Now he didn't became the next Maradona, but that's not the point.
The point is: What does boxing do?

like all sports, boxing promotes fitness, discipline, hard-work, etc. and personally i think it's fun to beat up a punching bag after a long day :P

on how good you are, whatever the style. a jet li or mike tyson will hold his own against 99.9999% of people. your style of choice needs to fit your interests/strengths.

i'm reminded of something i saw on tv once... they scientifically measured the amount of force from a full-on nfl tackle and a pro-fighter's (not sure if it was boxer or mma) clean punch to the torso. both were enough to pop a liver (hospital at least).

Personally I think that the boxing vs mma debate is kind of silly- i'm sorry boxing fans, but boxing is an element of mma- so is kickboxing, so is muy thai, so is jui jitsu.
Comparing mma to wwf is ridiculous- what just because Brock Lesner is in mma now mma resembles wwf.
Then there are the people that contend that boxing and kickboxing are more technical- ya that's the impression I get when I listen to boxers in interviews- those guys are genius'.
The reason why mma has become so popular is because it allows athletes from any combat sport disipline to test their skills against all other disiplines; If you are a top boxer and you feel boxing is the superior combat sport, great prove it in the octagon (UFC) or ring (Strikeforce).
The top boxers thumb their nose at mma for 1 primary reason- they can't make tens of millions of dollars fighting once a year. If the money was there (which judging by how popular mma has exploded in recent years- those days may be fast approaching) you would magically start seeing top boxers want to test their skills in mma.
Saying boxing is a better sport than mma is somewhat like saying uneven parallel bars is a better sport than gymnastics; that doesn't mean you have to like mma, if you like the stand-up punching action of boxing better that's your choice- but boxing is still mma.
The other aspect that boxing fans are going to always have to deal with going forward (because pandoras box has already been opened) is- if a boxer wins a belt, or all the belts for their weight class are they truely the best fighter in the world or are they just the best boxer in the world.

I rather Box.. but i like MMA.. why?

They're different styles, if a boxer gets to the MMA land obviously he will lose, but if a mma fighter gets into the ring, the boxer will knock him out,

and what i don't like about UFC is that their fighters are to far from themselfs.. in one corner a jiu-jitsu expert.. in the other corner a muay thai expert.. it's to different, they should have the same experience.. so you can't see who is the best

so MMA and Box.. RESPECT

It is supposed to be like that.. Originally the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts was made on the Idea of One Martial Art verses Another. The idea originally was to see which style was the best.. Watch the first couple UFC Fights, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Dominated.

Update!! James Toney just got schooled by Randy Couture in a first round submission. The fight was almost an embarrassment for boxers. I am a boxing fan- I loved watching Mike Tyson when he was Iron Mike, I loved watching Muhammad Ali, George Foreman; but the boxers of today are all only about the money- they want to pad their records by fighting a bunch of chumps, they want to fight maybe once a year and even then if they start off with a few good rounds they want to clinch their way to a decision. Well those days maybe coming to an end. If Toney and Couture were to fight 10 times, Toney would get his ass handed to him 10 times.
There are going to be those that say- Toney was well past his prime, he is not the best that boxing has to offer; while this is true, Randy Couture is 47 years old and Randy Couture is not anywhere near the best MMA has to offer. After seeing how easily Couture manhandled Toney, I will go out on a limb and say- there isn't a boxer on this planet that could even make it out of 2 rounds with Brock Lesnar or Shane Carwin.

To me.. If a mma heavyweight champ goes into a boxing ring with the boxing champ..he loses in a devastaing ko. the opposite is true. It's like tennis and volleyball. Two different sports. Most of the time in a bar room.. the mma guy would win I think. But a guy like tyson in his prime would kill any mma guy anywhere anytime. James Toney is a joke. I want to see an MMA guy go into the ring with a top 10 boxer with boxing rules and beat him. Will never happen. Only washed up boxers will fight in the MMA and only crazy MMA guys will ever fight for a boxing crown.. I hope I'm wrong. personally, I think boxers and MMA guys should stick with their own sports.

There is no way to say that either full contact sport is better than the other one. The fighters are all under the same disciplines just different studies. What i mean by this is a street fighter can only hope to luck up and beat an mma fighter is just the same as a guy coming off the street has a slim to non chance of beating a professional boxer in the ring. This is just the same as sparring in martial arts. I don't expect to beat a karate black belt in a sparring match if i havent done the same amount of training. how can we say that either one is the better sport. Ok we have all atleast heard the results from couture vs. toney and know that couture won. However, couture won in an mma fight. Just as easily as couture beat toney in an mma fight im willing to bet every last dollar that toney would beat him the same way in a boxing match because its toney's discipline. heck the only reason couture was beaten by lesnar is because of the crazy size difference. if you were lesnar size and had lesnar's background in wresteling of course you can smother an mma fighter into defeat. otherwise there is no way that you can say wheter one full contact sport is trully greater than the other. you could in tv ratings but otherwise no.

Both myself and boxing just got owned!

Its WHO you are not WHAT you are e.g. boxer or kickboxer. for example a world class boxer like mike tyson would beat any amature MMA fighter... why becuase Tyson himself is the better man, even though people say MMA is better. A world class MMA fighter would beat an amature Karate kid, why Because the person himself is the better man not what sport he does. i could be a MMA fan and do some MMA work in the gym and maybe amature but if i go in against a pro boxer who has better speed, power and durability i would lose. because i am not the better man there.
Thats how i see it and UFC and MMA try to get shit boxers in and maybe washed up big names and make MMA look like the better sport.
People need to open there eyes and see this, its just good marketing.
Its the human himself who is better than another human, the sport they specialise in does not mean victory..

I love boxing and my sparring partner is just better than me, which is great because i get to learn.
once we turn to practicing krav maga he is in trouble because i have the greater experience and have adopted those rules of engagement as second nature.
when a good all rounder steps into the territory of the expert he's in trouble.


just so everyone knows. toney was the one that wanted the fight. he went to dana white and asked to fight. it wasnt a ufc trick to make them look better.

I do both MMA and boxing (and ive tried a lot of martial arts too), boxing alone isnt enough to win an MMA fight against a good fighter, you dont have the skills to block kicks or defend takedowns and once you get in close you cant defend from holds. The boxers only option is to KO the guy quickly which means you have to be a lot better than him, a pro boxer would kill an amateur MMA fighter, the problem is when he faces someone with good boxing skills and a whole lot of other skills too.

In a straight boxing match obviously the boxer would win because hes spent more time just on boxing rather than splitting his training to different areas which wouldn't help in that fight.

They are 2 totally different sports, just because some boxing is used in MMA you shouldnt compare the 2 so closely, karate is also a form of fighting but nobody compares that.

Even then though, a amateur fighter who has only trained for MMA competition, in whatever martial arts he chooses, will know what to do against a top level boxer. Ankle pick or take a shot in. Clinch or take it to the ground. I would never stand toe to toe with a pro in a pure boxing match. I would kick the shit out of his legs and close the range.

Actually people make the comparison to other martial arts like Judo, Freesytle wrestling, Brazilian Jiu jitsu, Muay thai, San Shou, Karate, etc, when they say a martial artists cannot be one dimensional in a MMA bout. But Western Boxing is the mroe popular comparison.

Boxing is one of the professional sports, along with basketball and football that everyone I knew grew up with. This garbage they have now which is a combo of fighting, throwdowns, and kicks, are basically just street fights. I tried watching it once...forget it.

There is a ton of science and art within a MMA bout. The grappling martial arts are just as intricate and detailed as any striking art including Western Boxing. Sure it imitates a street fight but a real fight involves more than just using the hands.

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"UFC on the other hand, has lively characters, costumes and outrageous entrances"

I'm sorry, but the above just sohws your ignorance.

The UFC doesn't have costumes. Fighters are in pretty similar attire to boxers. In the early days, Martial artists wore their Gis but that wasn't MMA and it's not been the case for a long time.
THe entrances are no different to boxing, and I have no idea what characters you refer to at all.

Basicaklly, do better reasearch if you want to be taken seriously.

Perhaps you'd like to explain the following entrances then:

1. Muhammad Lawal - "King Mo" -

2. Heath Herring - Cowboy -

3. Quinton Jackson - hell, his howling and giant chain aren't an act at all...

4. And the kicker - Genki Sudo - here's a compilation of his all time "greatest" entrances:

So, that's just a few examples...plenty more exist. Granted, this has been tapering off in the last year or two with more somber entrances in T-shirt/hat to some music, but UFC made its debut bridging the entertainment gap between WWF and boxing. It appealed to fans on both sides for that very reason and was excellent marketing.

P.S. If you want to talk about showing ignorance, check your spelling.

Sorry about the spelling, I have a broken hand at the moment so i'm making a few mistakes.
But I'll gladly explain the above entrances. I'm not trying to insult you by calling you ignorant. But the fact that you picked those videos kind of proves it. They aren't UFC videos.

1 - King Mo - Has never fought in the UFC. That video is from Sengoko in Japan.

2 - Heath Herring - He has fought in the UFC, but that entrance is from Pride, also in Japan.

3 - Rampage - That isn't the UFC either. Pride again. Rampage has been asked about the howling before, he's done it all his life, its just him I think.

4 - Genki Sudo - Has UFC appearances, but that entrances was also in Japan. Pancrase I believe.

There is a difference between UFC and MMA. There are some former MMA organisations (Pride, Dream etc) that no longer exist, which did put on those kind of shows. But they were all located in Japan. Basically the Japanese love those entrances. They love all that over the top nonsense, this applies to all aspects of Japanese culture. But you said "in the UFC", you were wrong. None of that was in the UFC. Those "characters" have nothing to do with MMA and everything to do with Japan.

We are talking about modern MMA, the UFC, Strikeforce etc. They don't have those entrances, that carry on, the silliness. To associate it with WWF is disrespectful.

To indulge this a bit further without the unnecessary personal attacks (and if you want to continue commenting, you will follow suit).

1. King Mo - correct - bad example for the UFC specifically - but goes to show what exists in the world of MMA. And as you specifically brought Strikeforce into the conversation as a "modern MMA, the UFC, Strikeforce etc." - here he is for Strikeforce (Nashville) with a nice cute umbrella, costume and his entourage - - modern MMA does have those entrances...

2. Herring - his cowboy getup is not just for Japan - he also wears it in UFC entrances - perhaps I should have used this video instead from UFC 82 -

3. Rampage - UFC 123 - - As for "he's done it all his life, it's just him I think" - that's exactly my point - it's his character and it's what makes him memorable.

4. Genki Sudo - that video is a compilation. I'm almost certain if I looked hard enough that I could find him entering one of his UFC fights in a similar fashion. Not interested in spending any more time on this.

But, in all this, you're missing the point. These fighters have created characters for themselves so they are memorable. It is identical to what the WWF does. Perhaps I use UFC a little too literally to encompass MMA as a whole, but if you mention UFC to the average joe, UFC is what immediately comes to mind - so like it or not, they get to deal with the stereotypes.

It isn't necessarily a bad thing - and hardly disrespectful. As I pointed out, it's good marketing and the reason why a lot of Japan's "characters" eventually make a UFC debut. They already have an established fan base, they are memorable, and putting them in a UFC fight instantly brings new fans/sells tickets/raises awareness of UFC. It's not just the Japan fans that love those entrances, plenty of North Americans love them as well and even collect the action figures (believe UFC has a whole line of them, much like the WWF if I'm not mistaken).

Why do you think Kimbo Slice got a UFC shot? Good on him that he won, but he got there because of his popularity on Youtube based on his street fighter persona he moulded for himself, the ten million visits and fanbase he had and Dana White knew his appearance would sell tickets.

I wouldn't count the silliness as dead quite yet - although again, it is much better - but that might not be a good thing either. Selling tickets is what matters to keep the organization afloat and you do that by putting on a show or getting people to identify with the fighters.

Heath Herring didn't create a character, he is from Amarillo texas, the cowboy hat is his normal clothes. It's not uncommon in his part of texas.

Rampage didn't create that character, thats actualy him. the howling.

Kimbo didn't get a UFC shot based on youtube. Dana specifically said that if he wants to make it to the octagon, he goes through TUF like everyone else. He did, he done better than expected. He got a shot, wasn't great and was cut.

It's doesn't matter if the average Joe thinks MMA and UFC are the same thing, they aren't. I was just correcting you on this usage, just because it's a published piece on the net.
I'll accept that previous, MMA (including the UFC) was a bit of a showcase event. But this was more down to the ludacris match-ups (David v Golaith).

I just don't see the point in comparing it with WWF, or is it WWE now?
Of course there are examples of flamboyant entrances, but you implied that it was a main feature. It never was, and that behaviour is in decline.
As a final point, i'll post some boxing entrances; I think you'll agree that these are just as cringe worthy. Neither sport is professional wrestling, the two have more in common that most would admitt. I am both an MMA fan and boxing fan btw (the reason I was on this site in the first place)

1 - Prince Nassem - Always flamboyant, somersaults over the ropes, and here on a flying carpet.

2 - Hector Camacho - I remember some of his were terrible, this was the first result. I have no idea what he is wearing

3 - Floyd Mayweather - Dressed as a mexican, with 50cent rapping.

4 - Jorge Arce came out on a horse, here's practice

The comparison to WWF or WWE (you're right - I too have no idea what they call it now and don't particularly care) was a bridge to marketing of the sports - really nothing more than that. I don't think for one second that UFC and the WWF/WWE are in the same league - just drew some comparisons on what I think they both did right in promoting their respective sports - both created memorable characters. I don't think boxing has been so good at it - and I think they need to do better.

I still have to disagree with you on Herring and Rampage. It may be who they are, but it still works in their favour to create a memorable character - that's my opinion - we don't have to agree on it.

I would also suggest that there was a little more behind Kimbo Slice's shot at UFC than the public statements by White would suggest. Money makes the world go round, and there was money to be made by letting Kimbo fight. It was a fairly safe bet that he'd make the minimum entrance requirements so what did the UFC really have to lose...

I most certainly agree boxing has some flamboyant and sometimes ridiculous entrances as well. The ones you posted are great examples. Once again, from a marketing and business perspective - boxing, UFC, MMA - they all get revenue boosts/ratings boosts by these types of characters - they make the sport memorable to the average guy and they sell tickets. Personally, I don't really like them and prefer the focused/honorable entrance but they probably aren't going away in their entirety - again my opinion...

Which is what the article is - an opinion written to solicit comments and stimulate discussion. When the debate is good without getting personal, people learn things and for that I thank you for your insights. Nobody ever looks at things the same way - we all have lenses that we see things through.

Them please explaine why boxing needs to look at UFC for entrances. Entrances in UFC and boxing is very similar, and in both sports you can find crazy entrances. That does not meen that neither boxing or the UFC or MMA in general are similar to WWE.

If boxing would be united, and all the belts mereged, the boxing show would kill thee ufc. It would have a bigger following, boxing is an american pasttime like baseball. The reason I cant stand dana is because he always trashing boxing for not having big fights, but hes doing the same thing!! People wanna see gsp vs anderson. Period.

IF boxing was this, if this was that...
Pointless coment seeing as it isn't and won't be again. I still don't think it would put on great shows as it opens up nothing really. The same problems would be there. Boxing not being united isn't what is stopping Pac-man v Mayweather. If it doesn't happen its a disgrace.

GSP and Anderson Silva aren't the same weight class. So that fight can't be put on right now. Period. The classes in MMA are huge bigger jumps so its harder to move up. It takes time. The fight HAS to be for the belt so a catchweight is out of the question. GSP has already said he is moving to 185 if he beats Jake Shields. Why do you think Silva hasn't been matched even though it's been 8 weeks almost since he won last.

Look as much im sure MMA practitioners are a dedicated bunch the fact of the matter is the MAJORITY of fights are won on the deck via submission. Whatever way you wanna argue it, that shit is BOOOORING. Two guys wearing panties rolling around on the floor pretty much sums it up. And please..dont compare the quality of stirking in MMA to pure sports such as Boxing ..or even Muay Thai (and possibly K1 for a modern alternative). Boxers throw well timed , accurate, powerful, fast and technically proficient shots. Bispins even said when 99% of MMA practitioners box , it just looks sloppy. It really pisses me off that the little MMA fan boys cant admit it...they throw wild swinging looping punches that dont connect, they run in at each other before rnning back again. FOR FUCK SAKE..MAN UPPPP. And the rolling around on the deck.........they all too often seem to use it as a chance to get their heads together and have a rest.

Excellent points Danny!! Who is foolish enough to run in at someone and swing wildly...not me. And if someone does that against a good skilled, poised and disciplined fighter; a/k/a boxer they will school the person. Boxers are taught to throw inside punches, etc. and when someone tosses a windmill of a punch...give me a one who is trained will stand there.

MMA does not have costumes, crazy entrances, or "outragious" characters... bias artical. Boxers are better boxers. Mixed martial artists are better fighters. plain and simple. Boxers would lose 99/100 street fights against Mixed martial artists. Thats not to diss boxing, its just the truth. The only way a boxer would win a fight against a Mixed Martial Artist is if they land one Ko shot. Which is exactly what happened when Ray Mercer landed a Big shot on an old, fat, out of shape, Tim Sylvia. Boxing Purests, im sorry, but combat sports has passed you up. Boxing is a dying (or already dead) sport. There will never be another Big boxing superstar. Ever. The only famous boxers there will ever be are guys who were famous before MMA took the mainstream (around 2005). Your Mayweathers, Mannys, De La Hoyas, will be the last round of famous boxers. Most ppl have no idea who the Klitschko brothers are, who Ricky Hatton is, who Andre Ward is, Who Parnell Whitaker is... MMA is the future. Boxing is dead.

I am interested in this idea that boxing is dying.Next to soccer,boxing is the biggest sport in the world,it is one of only a handful of sports that are truly global.

I think what you mean is that boxing is losing out to mma in North America, outside of North America hardly anybody could give a shit about mma.

From the little bit of mma I have watched I would have to say the striking skills look pretty crude and cumbersome compared to boxing, I doubt many of these characters would stay standing for long against a seriously good pro boxer with decent punching power.

As for boxers having no ground game - you dont need one if you punch fast and hard enough.

Absolutely true Pedro!!! Good point indeed. Boxing does nothing but get trashed. MMA is legalized streetfighting...period!

For your information some of the guys in UFC are professional boxers, so they would stand a chance, put anderson silva againts a boxer and he is done. nuff said

For the last few years, you might have thought that the sport of boxing had gone into hiding, or simply retired altogether to be replaced by MMA De La Hoya and Merryweather came along to try to breathe new life into their sport; while I can't yet say what this will mean for the future of boxing, I do know that my generation and the generations which will follow will certainly prefer MMA over boxing.

Both boxing and MMA are big sports. They're also both awesome in their own right. But I predict that MMA will trump boxing in the future. The young guys are into it and everything is going that way.

Put a boxer against an MMA fighter with MMA rules... the MMA fighter will win 9/10. The reverse is true also. This is due to the fact that they train differently because... wait for it... they're different sports! For example, boxers train to defend against only punches, and though MMA fighters include that in their training, they cannot spend all of their gym time doing so. Meaning that they are not quite as adept at doing it. ...etc.

I completely second you dude there is no comparison between boxing and mma.

I have trained in Boxing/MMA and love both sport. But let's face it, Boxing is boring compare to MMA. Watching 2 dudes throw punches for 12 round usually put people to sleep after the 4th or 5th round. MMA is alot more exciting because you get to see different styles go at it for 3 or 5 rounds. I will admit that the Boxing skills in MMA isn't as good as real Boxer. Most MMA gym are only good for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or Muay Thai, because that's what most trainers form their gym from. If MMA fighters would train with real Boxing coaches combine with Muay Thai coaches, the striking in MMA would look alot better. GSP vs. Koscheck 2 was a good example, GSP had train with Freddie Roach for that fight and showed some pretty good boxing skill. Another reason why a lot of MMA fighters doesn't have good Boxing skill is because their coaches think they know how to Box just because they train in Kickboxing or Muay Thai. I say this from the training experience I had with numerous MMA gyms .

I'll be honest, I prefer boxing the whole toe-kicking and holding doesn't really do it for me. But the two are completely different.

MMA is about being well rounded and fighting.

Boxing is about discipline and sportsmanship.

They shouldn't be competing head to head they should be working to re-establish the legitimacy of combat sports.

boxing is boxing Mixed Martial Arts is mixed martial arts. I was trained in traditional martial arts first jui-jutsu then karate. But i study boxing on my own as well. Then i study the kicking styles of taekwando and muy thai. I try to learn as many techniques as possible to have at my disposal but i still practice the Kada's once in a while just because as a traditional martial artist originally i like them. I like boxing because it works on hands speed head movement and footwork. I like any art form of kicking because that is my bread and butter. But In mma you have to be able to handle kicking, punching, and ground work, and clinch fighting. I find mma more technical than boxing but boxing is also straight up about who can take the hardest punch. MMA you can play that game or like me try to avoid as many devastating hits as possible. You can not really compare the 2 because the rules are differnt

What bugs me in alot of mma matches for me it loses the MMA in it. Alot of people don't used their fundamentals alot of the time. I personally am a stickler on technique. Proper punching and kicking = faster and more powerful strikes. Same in the ground game if you practice those moves over and over properly your chances of doing better and anxiety will be less. I see alot of people only practice striking OR ground game. My friend and training partner just went pro his only losses are to good ground game guys who can take his hits. He almost didn't go pro because all he wanted to practice was stand up. So the trainers finally talked him into atleast learning the ground game to defend against the ground game. My point is if you don't Mix the different martial arts then its not MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. its just a street fight with a couple rules

I believe boxing has still a large base of fans and it is far from a dead sport. And lets not forget that it is also an olympic sport. I stand by what Mike Tyson said that once a new exciting fighter steps in the boxing heavy weight division, then the sport will see better days. I respect Klitchko brothers but they are nowhere near fascinating. MMA also has applied 2 much marketing if you ask me and I think it will be to the sports dentriment in the long run. As far as the Boxing fighter vs MMA fighter issue, I believe that it all comes down to individual's fighting skill. "I don't fear the man who has practised a thousand kicks but I fear the man who has practiced a kick a thousand times" and that applies for puches too. An elite boxing fighter would destroy an average MMA fighter and vice versa.

In my honest opinion I think that boxing & selective man such as grappling elbow/ shin strikes & head butts translate better to the STREET rather than both sports on their own and of course boxing training is very good for keeping you fit.


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