Boxing Training

Boxing Training

Boxing training will improve your strength, endurance, anaerobic threshold, aerobic ability, explosive power, balance, flexibility, and agility. Combat sports such as boxing teach you to survive and as a bonus you end up with one hell of a body.

Boxing workouts are the most effective workouts you can do.

Don't believe me? -- Ask anyone who has ever done one.

Don't believe them? - Look at all the Tae-Bo boxing videos that have hit the market and the number of personal trainers incorporating boxing into their programs.

Think that's a fluke? Look at any good boxer's physique.

The boxer's physique should be all the proof you need. Of course, those bodies don't come magically. It takes work and dedication to become conditioned like that.

Still not convinced? Then maybe ESPN's panel of experts can convince you that boxing is the toughest sport on the planet.

How to Box's boxing training will not only get you in the best shape of your life, but will also teach you boxing skills, drills, and techniques you can use to defend yourself or use to start turning yourself into a boxer.

The Importance of Drill

I'm a soldier and in the Army we drill everything. We practice things over and over and over until we can do them with our eyes closed in the dark under stress.

You know why? Because in battle, we do not have time to think. We must act decisively and appropriately for any situation without hesitation. Drills ensure that happens. When you repeat something enough, it eventually happens automatically. You no longer have to think about what to do. Your actions become instinctive as your muscles and reflexes react lightning fast.

Another benefit of drills is their calming effect. Battle is strenuous and stressful and if you've been in a boxing ring or fight, then you've experienced that surge of adrenaline. Drills help alleviate some of the stress by making you more confident. You don't have to confuse yourself with wondering what to do, because it's all ingrained in you - you know what to do.

Boxing Specific Training

Boxers have unique requirements in order to survive in the ring. Boxing workouts are the ultimate workout because they incorporate aspects of pretty much every other workout available.

  • They require extreme anaerobic endurance in order to fight hard for 2-3 minute rounds
  • They require a finely tuned aerobic system in order to lower your heart rate as close to normal resting rate as possible within a minute inbetween rounds
  • They require the kind of strength and muscle a resistance or strength training program provides
  • They require the explosive speed and power of a plyometrics program
  • They require the boxing skills provided by a comprehensive boxing skills development program to compete in the sport.

All of this plus the boxer needs the knowledge and ability to fuel his or her body correctly taking into account the principles of boxing nutrition.

I can't promise you that I can turn you into a championship boxer on this site, but I can promise that by following the How-to-Box System and training regimen that you will be in the best shape of your life and you will learn a thing or two about boxing.


Dear Sir,

kindly send me the 12 week Boxing Training Plan as soon as possible.


Bharatkumar Whaval


Would it be possible for you to please send em your 12 week boxing programme,

Many thanks

could you please send me the 12 week Boxing Training Plan ,and if posible as soon as posible.
Thank you


Please send me the 12 week Boxing Training Plan as soon as possible.


Could you please send me the 12 weeks boxing training plan please


Would it be possible for you to please send em your 12 week boxing programme,

Many thanks

Please will you send the 12 week training plan and if possible as soon as possible


could you also send me the Boxing Training Plan?
That would be great!

Thank you very much!


Dear Mr.Aaron,
Please send me the 12 week boxing program. As a wrestler i would like to learn more about Boxing.
Please and Thank You :) ;)

All, I am in the final touches of getting version 3 of the site up and running. I will be reopening to new students soon. Keep checking back or sign up for the newsletter and I'll make an announcement as soon as it is ready to go. I anticipate opening in the coming days - not weeks.

Good Day there.
I'm kinda fitness boxer, thinking about to start my boxing career. For my great start, I would like to recieve some excellent tips, which I believe are included in your 12 Week Boxing Training Plan, plus of course some good tips and stuff. Thank you in advance.



could you also send me the Boxing Training Plan please?



hello, could you please send me the 12week boxing program, thank you.

could you please send me 12weeks boxing plan,
thanks alot indeed

Hi there.. Im not sure if im doing this right, but id love to try the 12 week boxing fitness plan. It would be a great help. Thanks so much in advance .

All, the 12 week program is not something that can be sent to you. It requires you join the How to Box community where you will get access to the training plan and the rest of the content on the site. Learn more here.

a man i wanna box

hi, i would love to try the 12 week training program as soon as possible, would you send it to me please. thanks, olly

hi, could you please send me 12 weeks training program. Thanks.

could you please send me the 12 week Boxing Training Plan.
Thank you

would you be able to send a boxing program from a under 12, high school and a boxing for fitness.. please.>

Hey Aaron,

Really keen on trying your program. Is it free? If so could you send it through to my email?

Thank heaps

Bee :)

hey is there anyy chance you could send me the 12 week boxing plan

I would like the plan emailed to me.

I would like the plan emailed to me.

i would like to check this oout if you can send, thanks again

I hear many people saying that pushups make U stronger than bench pressing. I just don't understand why since in most cases U would be benching more than your actual weight.

Abu, pushups and bench pressing both have their place. Bench pressing (depending on how it is done) is going to help build muscle through hypertrophy. Pushups and plyometric exercises would then be useful in developing that muscle into something functional. Plyometrics are great for developing speed and power by training your muscles to contract violently whereas the more traditional/controlled weight lifting exercises like bench press are primarily used to increase muscle mass.

It's best to incorporate both in your routines.

Can you please send me 12 weeks boxing and training program

Red Nix

Dear, I would like the 12 week plan if you could get it to me as soon as possible it would be highly appreciated. , thanks

You don't have to wait for me to send it to you (which I can't do) - you can start training right now - all you have to do is get instant access by becoming a Gold member.

I would like to learn how to boxs

A three to five mile run a week is a good idea, a boxer should make his cardio workouts sport-specific. Interval training is ideal for boxing. An 800 meter interval would closely mimic the anaerobic demands of a three-minute round of professional boxing. Amateur bouts consist of four two-minute rounds.

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I would like this 12 week challenge thank you

Can you please send me 12 weeks boxing and training program

i was wondering if you can send me the 12 weeks boxing and training progams.


can you please send me the 12 week boxing and training program and anything else that may help.

Will be appreicated sir,


You guys have to buy the 12 week program it can't be sent to you, BUT you can sign up for a free silver account membership on the site and have access to free lessons and other helpful information on the site on how to be a boxer etc. Hope that cleared some things up (even tho its been explained :P)

i like boxing in ehiopian boxer man in 64 kg

Could you please send me the 12 week training program thanks

Could you please send me the 12 week trianing program thanks, sorry last email was wrong

Ok, I'm pretty sure he's said this before, He can't send you the program. You have to get gold membership and you gain access to it. Nw stop asking.

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