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Would you put diesel in a gas burning engine? Do you put tinfoil in a microwave? Some things just don't work without the right fuel, so stop putting crap in your body.

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Boxers, and athletes in general, have specific nutritional requirements.  In order to become the best boxer around and reach your maximum potential, you have to be able to control what you eat.  As a boxer, or any person really, you need to know:

  • How many calories your body requires daily just to survive.
  • How many calories you need to eat to lose weight.
  • How many calories you need to eat to add muscle.
  • Of those calories you eat, what is the makeup of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and other vitamins you need to optimally fuel your body.
  • How many calories you are actually burning on any given day taking into account your activities in addition to your basic metabolic rate?

Be very aware that I am not prescribing a diet here.  As far as I'm concerned, all diets tend to rob you of some essential nutrient whether it be carbohydrates (low-carb diets), proteins, or fat.  Yes, you actually need fat in your diet.

What diets do tend to do is make you aware of what you are eating.  It is so easy to just eat when you are hungry and even easier to grab the easiest thing around and that is probably some kind of junk food or fast food.  Is your cupboard full of chips, snacks, and other crap?  If so, guess what you are eating.A fit body

You have to change your mindset if you want to be a better boxer.  It requires self discipline and a strong desire to achieve your optimal level of fitness.  Sure, food can be made to taste good.  Even healthy food can taste great, but you have to remember that food is fuel.  Whether it tastes good or not, you are eating it for a reason.  You are eating it so your body can extract the nutrients and vitamins it needs to build more muscle, make you stronger, and make you faster.

Basically it comes down to choice.  You either choose to eat right or you don't.  There are varying degrees of bad eating, but quite frankly, you choose everytime you put something in your mouth.  Make a conscious decision right now to analyze everything you eat.  If it isn't doing you any good, why in the hell would you eat it?  And if "because it tastes good" is your answer, then check your priorities. 

Being able to alter your body at will is a power only few can master, but everyone has the potential to do.  Once you can add muscle or shed unwanted fat whenever you decide to, you will realize there really isn't anything in life you can not do.

Unfit Boxer Being aware of what you are eating is essential if you want to create changes or have your body perform at its optimum level.  If you're reading this hoping to lose some weight, you have to realize that you cannot lose weight if you are eating more calories than you are burning.  If you're reading this as a boxer looking to improve your stamina, endurance, strength and energy levels in the ring, you have to realize that everything that goes into your body is either going to help in that goal or hinder it.

You can blame your current state on genetics, your environment, lack of time, lack of money or whatever you want, but in the end those of you who decide that they can actually control what they eat and how they spend their time are the ones who are going to excel and realize their dreams one day.  The rest of you might as well go watch TV.

I'm going to take you step by step through the process of learning what to eat and how much.  In the end I'll even show you how to get some meal plans you can try for yourself.  You can skip straight to them if you want, but I would hope you will actually take the time to learn why you are eating what I am suggesting so you can eventually make your own templates and suggest your own recipes to post on the site for others to use.


I have read this section containing tips and helpful facts on eating either to lose wait or gain stamina, endurance, etc. and I think you have done an excellent job in producing this page. I, myself, intend on using this for helping to guide my way through boxing. I am just starting classes, and have not begun attempting to keep a good fitness level, but I will keep strong and watch what I eat.
Thank you,

Really? What has this got to do with boxing at all? Boxing nutrition? Could you be any more specific on the differing dietary needs of a boxer, a weight lifter, a swimmer or yer ma trying to lose her love handles. I dare you to publish this and write a response [edited Admin]

Your comments about nutrition show your lack of understanding to training in any sport. Boxing being an anarobic sport requires one to have very low body fat and high energy reserves built in. These reserves are vital specially when in an Amateur match. The intensity and constant throwing of combinations and movement by both contestants not only challenges the conditioning, but also there nutritional regiment while training.
I highly recomend you do some research into the value of nutrition to combat sports. I can a test to its high value as well. I have personally won and have had my boxers and mma fighters win titles by following stict nutritional guide lines along with the intense training required to WIN TITLES. You remind of the saying ignorance of the law is no excuse, ignorance of nutritional needs for any sport is no excuse.Do your research it will help you.

Initially, I just figured I would delete your comment, especially because it was purposely antagonistic, however obviously i didn't make my point or you weren't capable of catching on. The point is that boxers and athletes in general have different nutrition requirements than someone sitting on a couch all day. To optimize your training you need to take into account the nutritional aspects of your training plan in addition to the effort expended in the gym. It's the same thought swimmers, weightlifters, and others need to consider. Not giving your body the fuel required in the quantities required will hamper your progress. If you don't think it's relevant to boxing, that's fine - join the others literally wasting their time in the gym. The training is a minor part of overall athletic development.

Jesus, who are these whiny idiots trying to put in their 2 cents, complaining that you don't know about nutrition. For the record, your info is appreciated. And yes, without proper eating boxing is torture and you end up getting lit up all day by guys who properly hydrate and consume. I hit a lot of oatmeal, avocado on wheat toast, lighter meats, lots of veggies and fruits and I will occasionally have protein shakes/muscle milk when life gets hectic and I can't put real octane fuel in me. But overall, if you don't eat right, your boxing won't last and you will burn out.

I want to become a pro MMA fighter, my stand up is okay but my cardio sucks Im 205 right now but I wanna cut down to atleast 180-150lbs. What Specific kinda food should I avoid from eating. I try to control my hunger but its difficult when your on a budget. By the way I used to weight 235lbs. Please give me some advice.

So what specifically that a boxer needs in their nutrition? Is zinc one of the most crucial component for a boxer? I've read at an article that it is one of the most important one that an active person needs and since boxing requires the movement of our entire body, do you think it is one of the required nutrients?

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